Types of Land Survey

Mahyuddin & Siew provides all the professional land survey services for your land / property development projects such as:

Land Consulting and Title Surveys
for all types of land developments for the fulfillment of authority requirements and ultimately, for the issuance of titles so that ownership interest of the land is indefeasible.
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Engineering Surveys
for all land developments such as housing schemes, highway constructions, river improvements, pipeline constructions and emarcation of lot boundaries for special intentions.
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Setting-out Surveys
of buildings, piles and any other infrastructures prior to construction.
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Hydrographic Surveys
for foreshore and seabed, rivers, lakes, wetlands, etc.

Underground Utilities Detection Surveys
for complete public underground utility identification and location without any physical excavation.
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Aerial Photogrammetry
for the production of orthophoto maps for preliminary design work.
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Survey Teams

Field Survey Teams

-- 18 teams in total, each consists of a Surveyor and 3 general workers.

-- 3 teams dedicated to Underground Utilities Detection work.

-- a majority of our Surveyors are seasoned industry personnel, each with more than 20 years of experience in the field.


One of our enduring qualities that has gained us a solid reputation in the industry is our professional integrity.

Pan Nyuk Fah
M. Sc. (Surv); B. Sc. (Hons) Surveying, UTM
Licensed Land Surveyor

Shamsul Azlan Aziz
Business Admin (ABE)
Manager (Underground Utilities Detection)

Mazli bin Muhammad
B. Surv. Land (Hons) UTM

Chen Chee Bui
B. Surv. Land (Hons) UTM

Kew Seek Woon
B. Surv. Land (Hons) UTM

Mohamed Ridhuan Bin Ramlee
B. Surv. Science & Geomatics (UiTM)

Mohamad Zabidi bin Abdul Rahim
Dip. in Land Surveying, Politeknik Ungku Omar

Shahruddin bin Abdullah
Dip. in Land Surveying, Politeknik Ungku Omar

Zool Fadli bin Abdul Rahim
Dip. in Marine Engineering, UITM

Siti Maryam Binti Lemat
Dip. in Land Surveying, Politeknik Ungku Omar

Muhammad Hakam Bin Sha'ari
Dip. in Land Surveying, (Politeknik Sultan Hj, Ahmad Shah)

Technical & Admin Staff

Technical / CAD Drafting Staff

-- 15 personnel
-- well-trained with more than 20 years of technical/drafting experience each.

Administrative Staff

-- 5 personnel under the supervision of the Office Manager.

Equipment / Surveying Tech
While most of the basic land processes are steeped in tradition and remain unaltered with time, modern instrumentation and computer-aided techniques have promoted great changes in the business of surveying.

At Mahyuddin & Siew, we constantly strive to acquire, test and implement new techniques in surveying, at the same time acquiring and upgrading our survey gear to the best available modern instrumentation to keep abreast of the latest technology.

Surveying Instruments

We have at our disposal, 20 Total Stations, such as:

  • - Leica TCR 705
  • - Topcon GPT 3005
  • - Nikon DTM 521
  • - Geodimeter 510e
  • - electronic Total Station w/std Acc GTS-212
  • - Leica SR530 dual-frequency geodetic real-time receiver
  • - Garmin Etrex Summit Handheld GPS receiver with built-in antenna

Some of the Levels we use include:

  • - 5 Wild NK10 Dumpy (Auto)
  • - 2 Nikon AP3 Auto
  • - 3 Topcon AT2s and AT3s
  • - 3 Leica NA720 Auto Level

Underground Utility Detection & Mapping Instruments

Our 3 specialist underground utility detection field teams uses, among others:
- 2 sets each of Metrotech 9890XT (R&T series) Pipe/Cable Locators & Transmitters

  • - Metrotech 880 Manhole Cover Locator
  • - a set of GSSI/MALA GPR Ground Penetrating Radar
  • - RD Induction Loop 33kHz Signal Booster
  • - a 9.8kHz Sounder & Rod Sewer and Duct Locator
  • - Flexi Rod/Trace (100m) Fiber Optic Locator.

Computer Hardware & Software

For fully automated drafting, all desktop computers, plotters and printers are linked up via a Local Area Network (LAN). Equipped with some of the latest IT and Surveying Tech, our teams have access to:

  • - 25 desktop workstations
  • - 5 laptops
  • - 3 tablet PCs

CAD software:

  • - Autodesk Map 2004
  • - MapInfo Professional
  • - AutoCAD Rel. 13 & 2000
  • - Foresight TRPS topographical and route survey Processing system)
  • - CPSwin (cadastral processing system)
  • - IntelliCad.

Other survey data output essentials:

  • - 2 Summagraphics Microgrid III 48” x 36” Digitizer
  • - 2 HP Designer Jet 450C color Plotter
  • - various other branded laser printers.